Apollo Locksmith Auto Diagnostics Metro Atlanta

Auto Diagnostics For Less

Save Money On Auto Diagnostics with Apollo Locksmith of Atlanta

Chances are, if you’re not driving an antique or a classic car, you’ve got an on-board computer in your vehicle. These computers perform many vital tasks such as controlling ignition, safety features, and other vehicle functions. They’re also important in helping with auto diagnostics. In some luxury vehicles, the on-board computer even includes a dashboard screen that serves as control panel for the radio, locks, and AC, as well as displaying service lights. That’s right, the dreaded service lights that tell you to get your engine checked and gives you other worrisome messages.

Apollo Locksmith Auto Diagnostics Metro Atlanta

Auto Diagnostics For Less!

So what happens next? You call the dealership or mechanic, drop off your car, and wait for the bad news, right? Well here’s a better idea. Call Apollo Locksmith instead, and we will come to you to perform an auto diagnostics test and give you an accurate report on the issues your vehicle is facing. All of this can be done on-site, and it will cost a fraction of the price and time you would otherwise spend waiting to get a result from your dealership or mechanic.

Frequently, problems with the ignition, alarm system, radio, and locks are often the result of internal computer system issues, and our expert technicians at Apollo Locksmith are skilled at diagnosing and servicing these features. Besides these problems “hidden” within your vehicle’s on-board computer, there are often more tangible issues, such as computer screens that won’t turn on, light up, display correctly, or respond to touch. But there’s no need to worry. Besides auto diagnostics, our technicians can also reprogram your computer system and often resolve those screen issues within a matter of minutes.

Auto Diagnostics Services We Offer On Site

“Re-flash” immobilizer control box/ECU (Engine Control Unit)

-Run auto diagnostics to determine cause of service lights

-Repair internal computer

-Repair dashboard computer screen

-Reprogram vehicle internal computer screens

Apollo Locksmith Auto Diagnostics Metro Atlanta

Save Time and Money With Apollo Locksmith

Dealing with service lights, ignition problems, and other computer related issues doesn’t have to become an expensive nightmare. Apollo Locksmith of Atlanta has the highly trained technicians you need in case of emergency onsite or roadside assistance any time day or night in the entire metro Atlanta area. Nobody wants to see those lights come on but these things happen.  Don’t call the dealer and spend your precious time waiting for an expensive diagnosis. Call Apollo Locksmith and we’ll come to you, perform a timely auto diagnostics test, and get you back on the road.