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The Ford Locksmith Atlanta Trusts

Ford, a name synonymous with American automotive history and ingenuity. The modern Ford is a cutting edge company with all sorts of vehicles catering to many types of consumers. From the zippy Focus, to the crossover Flex, to the revered F-series of trucks, a huge segment of the car buying public have come to love an rely on the dependability and innovation of the Ford brand. As with all other modern car companies, Ford has translated that innovation and updated technology to the no longer humble car key. With their Intelligent Access smart key system, you get the convenience of keyless start-up, keyless entry, and an advanced radio signal that communicates with the car.

Sure, it’s great to have these convenient features and avoid the hassle of digging out keys from a purse or pocket when you’ve got your hands full, but even with modern technology, things can still go haywire. So what happens when your key fob starts acting up, or stops working? In the metro Atlanta area, there is an easy solution. Call Apollo Locksmith if you need your key fob repaired, reprogramed, or even replaced entirely. It’s the only name to know when you need a Ford locksmith Atlanta. Whether you’ve lost the keys entirely, or the key fob just needs reprogramming, the dealership will try to tell you that your only option is a visit to their techs, or another approved service provider. Don’t put up with unnecessary hassle if you can avoid it. A trip to the dealer often means 3 days or more of waiting, a potential tow fee, and lots of money and time wasted that could’ve been avoided with a quick call to Apollo Locksmith instead! We are Atlanta’s premier automotive locksmith, and can handle replacing, reprogramming, and repairing key fobs for all makes and models. Plus, our service includes on-site car key replacement so you’ll never be left stranded when you need a Ford locksmith Atlanta!

ford locksmith atlanta


Apollo : Your Ford Locksmith Atlanta


With a special focus on modern key technology and smart key replacement, Apollo is the Ford locksmith Atlanta can count on to get back on the road quickly and affordably. In most cases, we’re able to come to you, perform service on site, and save you the time and money of a trip to the dealership. We understand that nobody is ever looking forward to calling a car locksmith, but if you are in a bind, at least you can take comfort in having a good company in your corner. With Apollo, you can get 24/7 assistance wherever you are in metro Atlanta. Our technicians have the latest in technology at their fingertips, allowing us to save you lots of time and money compared to calling the dealership. Also, we’re licensed, bonded and insured, so you can take comfort you’re dealing with real pros. If you’re in trouble and need car key assistance, call Apollo today and let us be your Ford locksmith Atlanta!