Range Rover Key Replacement

Land Rover Key Replacement Atlanta

Land Rover’s are not your standard SUVs. They are the pinnacle of luxury in sport utility vehicles. Like any other luxury vehicle, Land Rovers require a certain level of finesse and expertise to service them when things go wrong. Whether you are in downtown for a meeting or off road near Stone Mountain, Apollo Locksmith technicians are available and capable of supplying you with any Land Rover key replacement in Atlanta.

Land Rover

Land Rover keyless entry allows owners to enter the vehicle simply by pulling the handle. The lock senses the smart key within a three foot range, and permits the driver entrance without having to fish a key out of their bag or pocket. This is incredibly useful when opening the tailgate as well. If your arms are loaded down your Land Rover recognizes your smart key, so you just have to manage reaching the tailgate handle. This is incredibly convenient, but what do you do when your smart key stops acting smart?  Dealers will need you to have your vehicle towed to them in order to service your locks or keys. Aside from adding extra expense, this will also take a long time. If you are lucky enough to get your Land Rover to a dealership that same day, you will most likely have to wait three to five business days while a new key is reprogrammed for you. We will not only come to you, but we will reprogram a new key for you that same day.

Apollo Locksmith technicians are the ones to call if your smart key is working fine, but your Land Rover ignition or door locks are having problems. Our skilled technicians specialize in keys jammed in the ignition, ignitions that won’t rev or tun over, and push buttons that won’t start the engine. We can troubleshoot and fix any ignition, key, or lock issue no matter the model or year of your Land Rover and get you back on the road.

Land Rover Key Replacement Atlanta