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Your Car Locksmith Atlanta

Need a Car Locksmith Atlanta? Trust Apollo!

There is never a convenient time to find yourself in need of automotive locksmith services. You’ve either lost a key, gotten locked out, or are experiencing technical difficulties with your keyless entry, and you don’t have time for that! Well, let Apollo ease your pain with our rapid service response and courteous service. We’ll come to you anywhere in metro Atlanta, 24/7, and best of all we’ll save you time and money in the process. So don’t call the dealership or a tow truck, just remember Apollo when you need a car locksmith Atlanta.

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Key Problems Solved On The Spot!

So it’s bad enough when you lose your keys or your key fob stops functioning. What’s worse is trying to get help from the dealership. With a dealership comes a wait time of 3 to 5 days, plus you’ll often have to pay for a tow truck to get you there. No fun. With Apollo, your locksmith solution is a quick call away. Whether you’re stranded OTP or locked out in Little Five, our highly trained technicians will come to you 24/7. Apollo is your call for a car locksmith Atlanta!

Car Key Replacement and More

These days, most cars have fancy keyless entry features, specialized key fobs, and even keyless start up options. Along with many new models also having complex on-board computer systems, it’s a very convenient and technologically advanced time to be driving. But, a lost key is still a lost key. And beyond that, all of this modern technology can sometimes lead to unexpected trouble. Whether it’s reprogramming, car key replacement, ignition jam issues, or on-board computer diagnostics, Apollo is the solution when you need a car locksmith Atlanta!

Call Now and We’ll Get You Rolling

That’s right, Apollo Locksmith are the experts to call for lost keys, reprogramming and replacing transponders, and on-site key replacement. But did you know we can also handle ignition replacement and install, on-site diagnostics, and other on-board computer related issues? We service all makes and models! All of this at a reasonable price, with fast response time to anywhere in metro Atlanta. So next time you need a car locksmith Atlanta, call Apollo! Our fast, professional, experienced locksmiths will save you time, money, and stress. Call today!