Replacing Lost Car Keys in Atlanta

Can you think of anything worse than losing your car keys and then replacing lost car keys? How about finding a towing company, paying to have your car towed, and then being overcharged for the technology and service required to replace that tiny computer that the modern car key has become?

Replacing Lost Car Keys

It’s not just a matter of heading down to the hardware store to get a new key cut anymore. Sure you can get a key cut to fit your vehicle, but without accurate programming for the transponder chip your ride still isn’t going to crank. Our technicians can accurately make and program a new key for you with skill and ease. We can even fit a new remote key to your car’s make, model, and year and bring it to you!

Most modern vehicles have transponder chips inserted as an added security. These chip keys send signals to a car’s computer telling it that the correct key has been inserted. This allows your car to crank. While the increased security measure is a valuable feature, replacing one of these chip keys has the potential to be a difficult and expensive process. It’s not the average locksmith that will have the expertise to repair or duplicate a transponder chip key. And involving a car dealership to replace a chip key generally requires a wait for a new key of several days, and always involves a high price tag. Our locksmiths have the skill to replicate, repair, or reprogram your key while you wait.

Apollo Locksmith’s highly trained technicians provide emergency onsite or roadside assistance throughout the Metro Atlanta area at any time of night or day. No one ever plans on getting locked out of their car or misplacing their keys. Be that as it may, if and when this happens to you please let an Apollo Locksmith save you time, money, and stress. We’re the reliable choice, because we’ve mastered the technology and we care.