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Skip the Dealership for Replacement Car Keys

In recent years, car key technology has come a long way. With almost all makes and models, car keys now contain “smart key” technology, such as keyless entry and start-up features. You can unlock doors, open trunks and sliding doors, and even start the engine without even touching the car. Unfortunately, hidden behind all of this ease and convenience is an unwelcome surprise for many car owners. That surprise is the excessive costs for car key replacement that your dealerships will try to collect. If you read your manual, the recommendations might state that your only option to reprogram, repair, or replace a modern key fob or smart key is at the dealership. But don’t despair, there is a better alternative that is faster, cheaper, and much more reliable when you’re in a bind and need help quickly. Your local automotive locksmith is here to help you skip the dealership, and save lots of time and money. For great on-site service anytime, anywhere in metro Atlanta, the local locksmith company you can trust is Apollo Locksmith. Let’s talk about some of the important reasons why you should skip the dealership and call your local car locksmith instead.

skip the dealership

Why Skip The Dealership?

  1. Lost modern keys are expensive! The process of key duplication isn’t nearly as simple as it once was. No longer can you make an extra copy at the hardware store, or rely on a traditional locksmith. You need experts who have the right technology to get the job done.
  2. The average cost at a dealership is well over $200, and often much more! The wait times don’t get much better either. Expect to wait at least 2 days for your new keys to arrive, and enjoy the privilege of paying dearly for that service, while likely incurring other costs such as towing, car rental, and lost time.
  3. Dealers often let you leave without multiple smart keys. Make sure when you are purchasing your car that you’ve confirmed at least 2 sets of keys for the vehicle. Otherwise they might try to push you to buy the extra set!
  4. Keyless keys aren’t the most durable. You might have a slightly damaged casing, or the car has stopped recognizing your key. The dealership will try to sell you a new replacement at exorbitant cost.
  5. The locksmith can also help with other services. A certified locksmith can provide laser key cutting, computer diagnostics, door jam and ignition repair, and more. Again, these services can usually be done on site and at a much lower cost.
  6. Your certified locksmith can fix the problem! Modern locksmiths with the right technology and tools can usually handle the issue on sight. Reprogram a faulty key, repair a damaged key fob, or replace entirely a lost key.

So as you can see, it’s clearly the right move to skip the dealership and put your faith in a trustworthy, reliable locksmith.