lost car keys at beach

Summer Is Lost Car Keys Season

Believe it or not there is a time of year which, apart from being sunny and full of outdoor fun, is also the most prevalent time for losing your car keys. Summer is lost car keys season, and it is officially upon us. It may seem odd, after all it’s not like picking strawberries or shopping for school supplies. All the same, getting out of your house and into the open air means more opportunities for lost car keys.lost car keys at beach

We’ve made it through the erratic Atlanta winter; finished setting out our gardens, and now it’s time for some much deserved playtime. What sounds like fun? How about tubing down the Chattahoochee River? It’s a wonderful way to cool off and relax outdoors. Unfortunately, someone has to be the person with the car keys in their swimming trunks. Pockets in bathing suits are a good idea in theory, but we have saved the day for plenty of tubers that lost the swim trunk gamble while they shoot the hooch. The same goes for chilling at the beach of Callaway Gardens or boating at Lake Lanier. Bathing suits are bathing suits no matter where you choose to cut loose.

Another place that like seems to abduct car keys is Six Flags. There’s just something about being dropped from twenty stories at seventy miles per hour that doesn’t agree with holding onto your car keys. We’ve made the trip out to Austell countless times to replace lost car keys after someone enjoyed a day full of roller coasters.lost car keys roller coaster

It happens when you least expect it, and it’s never a good time. If you do lose your car keys this summer don’t panic. Please don’t jump in a lake or walk under a roller coaster trying to retrieve your lost car keys! Keep yourself safe. Take a deep breath and call Apollo Locksmith to replace your keys so that you can resume your summer fun!