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While we understand that requiring the services of an auto locksmith likely means you’re not having the best day, let Apollo Locksmith ease your troubles with our top-notch service and rapid response. Remember our name when you need a car locksmith Atlanta. Why Apollo? First of all, we’ve got 20 years of experience providing attentive, professional, and fast service to metro Atlanta, so you can trust you’re getting the expert assistance you need. Our automotive locksmith expertise runs the gamut from basic emergency lockouts to advanced on-board computer programming and keyless entry issues. We work on all makes and models, foreign and domestic, and can handle all the latest in key fob technology, ignition issues, and more. Plus, and certainly of interest to our customers, we will save you TONS of money when compared to getting a tow and visiting a dealership or other auto shop. That’s because we’re mobile, and no matter what your issues, we’ll come to you. Besides the money saving aspect, you’ll also save lots of time with our quick turnaround on service calls. Anytime, anywhere in town, call Apollo 24/7 when you need a car locksmith Atlanta.

Car Locksmith Atlanta

Let Us Be Your Car Locksmith Atlanta

With the modern convenience of keyless entry and start-up, integrated computer/navigation/alarm systems, and other fancy technology, being an auto locksmith is much more than it used to be. Of course, we’re very happy to help with car key replacement, duplication, and emergency lockouts when you need a car locksmith Atlanta. But what about malfunctioning key fobs, ignition issues, and slow onboard computers? We’ve got you covered for those too! When you contact Apollo Locksmith, we’ll be upfront and offer a final quote that you can trust for the service we’ll perform.  Don’t forget, we can also handle motorcycles, ATVs, tractor trailers, and more. Contact Apollo Locksmith today for the service you deserve, and let us be your car locksmith Atlanta!